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​You will work with me from beginning to end. I will not outsource your project. I will keep your documents and audio files confidential throughout the life of the project and beyond.

I am dedicated to providing you with high-quality services. Look below to find out if I’m a good fit for your project and get in touch with questions or to learn more.




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I can take care of virtually any type of document, from a simple birth certificate to a news article. I oversee the process of translation, editing, and proofreading in its entirety to ensure my clients are satisfied with every project.

I understand your need for accurate and confidential law enforcement and legal translations

I have experience translating and certifying all types of personal documents, including:

  • Birth, death, and marriage certificates

  • High school diplomas and transcripts

  • College diplomas and transcripts

  • Evaluations

  • Interviews

  • Witness statements

  • Immigration documents

  • And more...

I can provide certified translations that meet the standards of local, state, federal, and foreign government agencies. I hold a public trust clearance and will consider NDAs should your work involve sensitive material.

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Whether you need a Spanish transcriber to transcribe interviews, depositions, conversations, or other legal proceedings, you can rest assured you will receive an accurate text of every word spoken. I work with most audiovisual and digital media formats for government agencies, law firms, and media outlets.

My extensive transcription expertise includes:

  • Witness testimony

  • Police interviews

  • Title III

  • Wiretaps

  • Jail phone calls

  • Speeches

  • News interviews

  • Conferences

  • Podcasts

I have experience working with Latin American Spanish, particularly from Mexico and Central America, Cuba, Colombia and Venezuela, and have extensive experience working with regional dialects and slang. 

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I am certified by the American Translators Association for Spanish into English translation.


Please note that not all translators are ATA-certified.

​If your agency or organization is asking you to find an ATA-certified translator to translate and certify your documents, I will provide you with a Certificate of Accuracy, which includes my ATA certification number and signature, at no additional cost.


If the requesting agency is asking you to submit a notarized translation, please let me know in advance. That is a separate service that I must request from a notary public. 

To learn more about notarized translations, please visit the National Notary Association.

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